STRIKER by Wooshtec

STRIKER by Wooshtec - the use of the 1300 bar waterjet system.


STRIKER by Wooshtec offers the most effective and efficient water jetting system for cleaning the interior of a truck mounted concrete mixer drum.

Build-up inside transport mixers has in the past been dealt with by chiselling, jackhammering or manual hydroblasting. This also often involves a manpower working inside the mixer drum.

STRIKER by Wooshtec will thoroughly clean the interior of mixer drums, freeing the ready-mix of any leftover debris, resulting in the highest quality concrete.

STRIKER by Wooshtec is a Dutch engineered system, specially created and designed to clean the interior of concrete mixer drums. It uses a highly sophisticated specialized hose, connected to a high-pressure water pump to blast away the concrete build-up in the drum in just a couple of hours.

The system is easy to operate by using the machine’s manually controlled gear box.

STRIKER by Wooshtec offers results incomparable to any traditional cleaning methods.

What are the benefits with the STRIKER by Wooshtec?

Totally clean mixer drum

100% removal of hardend concrete
No more chiselling or jackhammering is needed
Consistent concrete quality delivered to the end customer
No more excess weight

Blasted mixer drum in a few hours

2-4hs per truck depending on amount of buildup
Improved operational conditions
The drum is not damaged, hence the transit mixer truck will not
require additional downtime for repairs to the ready mix drum

Improved environmental footprint

Lighter trucks and consistent quality of delivered concrete.
Lower fuel consumption.

Improved Health & Safety

Very user friendly
No person needs to enter mixer for chiseling.
Doesn’t require a specific technician to operate the machine.

Significant savings

The maintenance of the STRIKER by Wooshtec is very affordable as
the spare parts are easy to replace and not expensive.
With a clean drum, you can deliver more quantity with a higher quality.

Basic Data






Water tank

Diesel tank


CE marked



KAMAT High Pressure Pump

VOLVO Penta 6-cyl, optional Stage 5

20″ hook container or optional trailer

Integrated 1500liter

Integrated 1000liter

10,000 kg


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