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Wooshtec – Our Story

In 2014 we were approached by Swerock, one of Sweden’s largest ready mix companies, who needed help in addressing the problem of increasingly stringent demands from local authorities to ensure that no excess water was discharged from concrete sites. Too much water was being used cleaning trucks and the trucks had substantial build-up, despite good cleaning routines, which meant that satisfactory quality of concrete being delivered could not be guaranteed.

We put together a long list of requirements –needing to use recycled water, the machine needing to be very robust and suitable for a harsh environment, being able to operate in sub-zero conditions, being user-friendly, very reliable, completely cleaning the drum and, of course, not costing an arm and a leg.

We – Helena Wigart and Hans Linder – who have very longstanding experience in industrial tank cleaning and spray applications, focusing on tailor-made solutions for specific problems, rose to the challenge. We put together a team of skilled technical design engineers and a prototype manufacturer; all working very closely with Swerock in order to create a design suited to the particular conditions of the concrete industry. Our unique spray head was designed using computer simulations optimizing the cleaning efficiency of a drum.

Rigorous ‘real life’ tests and fine tuning were then carried out on trucks to make sure that the drum was completely clean after every cleaning cycle. Very importantly, Swerock’s drivers also had a big say in what they thought should be included in the list of requirements.

Today, Swerock is the single largest user of Wooshtec Daily Cleaner, with a large number of trucks being cleaned daily on many of Swerock’s sites. To start with, the invention was sold under the Hansa Engineering brand, but today it is manufactured and sold by Wooshtec AB, which is part of the Hansa Engineering Group.

In 2018, we joined forces with Jamshid Lodhi, who has significant experience in spray applications, mechanical engineering and business development. We initially met in 2017, when Jamshid Lodhi presented us with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which he himself had won the previous year. We quickly realised that we had a joint vision – The future is Wooshtec Daily Cleaner.

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