201909010 – Solna, Sweden

Vive la France!
Wooshtec enters the French ready mix concrete market.

Sitomex will represent Wooshtec on the French market, introducing the preventative wash-out system “Daily Cleaning” throughout France.

Sitomex will act as an exclusive distributor for Wooshtec in France. Wooshtec and its Daily Cleaner ensures that a ready mix plant runs a fleet of clean trucks and only spend 5 minutes per day on the job. The benefits are many, and in a competitive market, every one of these makes a difference.

Not only does the Daily Cleaner save time at the wash-out station, but additional benefits are:
A clean truck ensures quality on the delivered concrete, its payload can be utilized to the maximum, no more jackhammering or chiseling of the mixer truck and a better work environment for truck drivers.

Wooshtec SITOMEX

“France is an interesting market, and a local partner is needed. Working together with Sitomex makes sense, as they already represent other Scandinavian suppliers within the field of ready mix concrete. Our product adds and expansion to the portfolio of Sitomex. It’s a great benefit that Sitomex has several things to offer the same client.” says Mr. Lodhi.

Wooshtec: www.wooshtec.com
Sitomex: www.sitomex.com

For more information, please contact
Mr. Jamshid Lodhi, co-founder & CEO
Wooshtec AB
Mail: jamshid@wooshtec.com
Phone: +46 739729000

Mr. Torben Frölund Jepsen, founder & CEO
Sitomex S.à r.l.
Mail: info@sitomex.com
Phone: +33 7 69 55 20 02

Wooshtec Daily Cleaner removes build-up inside the drum and keeps your concrete trucks completely clean. With installations in Scandinavia, we’re growing our network of distributors.
The Daily Cleaner features a unique spray head, allowing recycled water to be used, thoroughly cleaning the inside of the concrete drum, including all sides of the helix shaped wings, removing all concrete build-up. Rigorous long-term trials have proven that Wooshtec Daily Cleaner maintains a
> 99% clean drum. These are hard facts, making future, chipping, blasting or unnecessary downtime a thing of the past. One investment – daily savings.

Sitomex SARL is a French distributor of Scandinavian concrete machinery.Run by the Dane, Torben Frölund Jepsen. Ciurrently representing Baron and Fibi Intercon.


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